Culture may even bee described

A short post to link an article from the online magazine They contacted me earlier this year and the exchange led to the following article: Erik Brown, Director and Program Manager on Beekeeping. Basically they sent me an interview questionnaire, and turned my answers into the article. Kind of cool.

I hope you enjoy.

190519 Comb

A nearly perfect comb from my hive Pandora this weekend (May 19, 2019). ©Erik Brown

Culture may even be described simply as that which makes life worth living

This phrase is taken from chapter 1 of the treatise Notes Towards the Definition of Culture by T.S. Eliot. Written as a series of articles in New England Weekly in 1943, it was published as a book in 1948. Britannica says “Eliot presents culture as an organic, shared system of beliefs that cannot be planned or artificially induced.”

Since the Otia site is about “Uncovering arts and culture in the tech community,” this quote seems like a good fit.

May you prosper and find honey.