2022 May 30 – Marking Queens

I went through some nucs yesterday and marked some queens (three total!). The year 2022 uses yellow for queens, following the mnemonic “Will You Raise Good Bees” for White, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue. So 2022 is a “2” year so we use the second color: yellow (also for “7” years). I’ve gotten much better at finding her highness through the years. Sometimes I still just cannot see her, but often I can now.

I use the tube shown in the below photo. Once inside, you can push her to the top with a soft plunger and press her lightly against the mesh (which she cannot fit through). A slight dab on the back with a yellow marker and you are done.

A marked queen walking into the hive. The next time I look it should be easier to catch a glance of here. You can I got a little yellow on her wing, which is not the best though should be okay.

May you prosper and find honey.