2022 Sep 21 – Top Bar Hive Feeding

For regular Langstroth hives, as well as other conventional box configurations, bee supply companies are happy to sell you a feeder that fits on top of the hive. I prefer ones that let you add syrup without disturbing the bees, like this one from Mann Lake Bee Supply.

For Top Bar Hives, most supply stores do not see a commercial feeder. So how do you feed the bees in a top bar? One way is to use a plastic waste bucket, cut to fit inside the hive. Fill it with floating material, such as pine needles, and you are set.

Feeding my top bar hive on September 14, 2022. You can see some comb just above the feeder. The pine needs let the bees access the syrup without drowning.

May you prosper and find honey.

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