2022 Aug 20 – EAS Photos

Here finally are some photos from EAS 2022 in Ithaca, NY. This shows (in order): the painted hives auction, fireworks at Kutik’s Everything Bees, the start of Mike Palmer’s talk, honey show (three photos, including the amazing wax sculpture that won best in show), an English Garden Hive (or WBC hive) at auction, My Tom Seeley autograph, pictures from the Cornell Botanical Garden tour (two photos), and pictures from the Cornell Beekeeping collection (two photos).

Overall, the conference went well. I’ve helped organize it the past five years, and this was a pretty good one. Some challenges getting the apiary set up, and some complaints that the vendor hall was too far way, but lots of positive feedback all around, so I feel good about the conference.

May you prosper and find honey.

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