2022 May 5 – Before and After

Happy Cinco do Mayo! The post has nothing to do with this, but worth putting out there. I found a picture of my first hives in the archives, so to speak, and thought it might be fun to compare this with my current hives.

The following picture was taken in 2015. I cleared an area for my apiary with the idea of building a garden around the bees. You can see the fence posts, the small holly bushes behind the hives, and the tree stump of the Norway Maple tree I cut down so the area would get good sun. I still have the little red wagon you can see in the background.

My very first hives on April 19, 2015. I bought two nucleus hives from a local beekeeper for the Langstroth boxes, and a package hive for the top bar hive.

I took this next picture this morning, with a similar viewpoint. You can see the fence in the background and the holly bushes behind the hives. Apparently grass and weeds like to grow so they have taken over the space a bit. I cut them back occasionally, and move around some old outdoor rugs (you can see one on the left) to keep the worst of the grass at bay.

My hives (or some of them) on May 5, 2022. The two top bars I built with my father, the two nucs should have queens by now, and the big hive I just haven’t checked in a few weels so I have no idea how its doing. A project for the weekend.

May you prosper and find honey.

2 thoughts on “2022 May 5 – Before and After

  1. It certainly looks good!
    There is quite a difference in trees and flowers between April 19 and May 5 (different years, of course). Photos like these are a great way to help remember the progress you’ve made.
    I have never operated T-Bar hives, they don’t do as well way up here in Calgary. But you have had them for over 6 years – and standard equipment at the same time. You must like both styles.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ron. Yes, enjoy them both. The regular langs are good for honey and standard practices and tools. The top bars are fun to inspect and watch grow (most of the time).


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